This was a beautiful experiment... using a painting technique called the "dirty fluid pour" that has been modified for soap. the result is a unique bar of soap with swirls and splatters like a painting. all natural, rosemary mint.

EXFOLIATION SCALE: 1 (very mild exfoliation, from the super fine charcoal)


due to the nature of the technique used, each bar looks very different, but they are all quite beautiful.

Rosemary Mint Soap

  • Ingredients - ALL NATURAL

    3.7 OZ


    extra virgin olive oil + coconut oil + sustainable palm oil + sodium hydroxide + organic sunflower oil + avocado oil + essential oils + activated hardwood charcoal + indigo + alkanet root + madder root + sodium lactate + titanium dioxide + tussah silk fiber


    NOTE: Our palm oil supplier is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

    Learn more about the organization here